What do I know about ATL?

As I prepare to head to Atlanta for the first time in my adult life (that's a pretty long time), I realize I know very little about the town. I figure that I should start learning about the place, if I'm going to be visiting there more often. So what do I know?

  1. There is a basketball team. 'Nique played for them and I liked him a lot, especially that time he beat Jordan for the slam dunk championship. Spud Webb also played for them. Spud (#4 in the Hawks uniform) is a hero for all short people with NBA dreams.
  2. There are apparently a lot of peach trees in town, and it seems like each of these trees has a road named after it.
  3. Do not call the place Hotlanta. That's like calling San Francisco Frisco. I prefer Mylanta myself, but that's just me.
  4. The Gone With the Wind style ballrooms all burned down during the Civil War.
  5. I learned from that TV show about virginity and property buying on HGTV that there's a perimeter, and you're either in or out of it.
  6. Aside from Outkast, there are no other good hip hop artists from Atlanta.
  7. There are hotdogs at a place called the Varsity. 
  8. Zombies.
  9. The city rail system is a marvel of modernist simplicity and minimalism.
  10. I will order Pepsi when I go there just to see what people say when I do.

More later, as I learn stuff.