Death by burpee

Yeah today was a little challenging. The folks at the gym think I'm a little wack because I actually relish burpees. But today was challenging anyway. I reached failure before this other woman in the class did.

So Death By Burpee took place after a warm up that included a five minute wall sit (failure means you have to take a 100m sprint the return to the wall sit).

The first workout was just progressive straight pull-ups for 10 minutes.

And then Death by Burpee.

Starting with six burpees in one minute,  we had to do progressively more burpees, adding one burpee per minute.  This went on for a max of fifteen minutes. Rest period only occurs when you finish doing the required number of burpees for that minute. So potentially we would be doing 21 burpees a minute by the end. But of course that's pretty much impossible. I was able to do up to sixteen in a minute, but by that time I was pretty much a wreck and after that round I could do just 7-10 a minute. Supposedly, after failure, the workout says that your required number of burpees is to subtract one burpee per minute but to be honest, after hitting failure I would just do whatever I could do.