National Burger Month 05/09/2011: Veggie Burger with Beef Topping

This is a veggie burger from Trader Joe's:

This is a little under 1/4 pound of beef chuck that I have massaged with salt, pepper and worcestershire sauce:

This is a veggie burger resting on a bed of beef: (I had to slice off parts of the veggie burger so that it would fit in its bed)

This is a veggie burger, resting on a bed of beef, with beef topping:

And this is a surprisingly terrific burger, one of the best I've had this month:

Really, this was a revelation. I was expecting it to just okay, but I can't believe how the good it tastes. I think it's because the Trader Joe's veggie burgers are spiced a little bit (I think I taste cumin and garam masala) and those really set the beef off. Also, the texture was terrific. Some veggie burgers tend to mush up when cooked, and they mushed up nicely here and kind of kept the burger perfectly moist. If only I didn't feel like I just ate two burgers at the end of the night. Ugh.