National Burger Month 05/06/2011: Chorizo Burger with Pico

I was originally going to do this burger on the fifth of May, for obvious reasons, but I ended up getting my act together the day after.  This was inspired by a comment my cousin Jon left on my Facebook page about a burger he made for a bunch of his friends.

My chorizo burger uses about a 50-50 blend of grass-fed beef chuck and chorizo bought from one of the many local Mexican groceries in Santa Cruz. Seasoning was simple; I used just a little salt and pepper. For his burgers, Jon used Goya chorizo, and I can't even imagine how that would taste. The burgers were grilled over medium heat in the old barbecue.

I topped my burgers with a little pico de gallo salsa, which I talk about here on a previous Cinco de Mayo burger. I can't believe that was 2008. For 2011, I left out the avocado.

Extremely pleasing. But the chorizos-- I think they wreak havoc on the tummy, if you know what I mean.

edit: I also slathered on some Philly cream cheese on the burgers after grilling. Could've used farmer's cheese, but the Philly was such a good contrasting saltiness to the spiciness of the burgers. So creamy, so good.