list of things i ate this past weekend

No photos (of food).

My weekend started on Thursday when L took me to the airport. And it is still going on right now, so I may add stuff to this list. I tried to make it go in chronological order. I may have misses some stuff from Sunday due to the sheer volume.

1. Grilled squid at Tribu Grill, San Bruno
2. Adobo rice
3. Pork sisig
4. Frozen brazo de mercedes
5. Chocolate chip cookies (homemade)
6. 2 eggs over easy, bacon and homefries at the Palace Diner, Flushing
7. Organic grapefruit purchased at Trader Joe's Santa Cruz, eaten in Kew Gardens
8. Roast pork bun at Fay Da Cafe and Bakery, Flushing
9. Taro bubble tea
10. Sweet crusted bun with kaya
11. The best frozen lemonade ever (the person who claims she made it said there was lemon zest) at the USTA Center in Flushing

That's Roger Federer in the foreground during his practice session in the Louis Armstrong Stadium at the USTA Center in Flushing, tuning up before the US Open

12. Green tea mochi from Fay Da, eaten in Kew Gardens
13. Chunks of fried pork, yellow rice and red beans at a Cuban restaurant whose name I can't remember, for the life of me, in Union City
14. Churros
15. Cafe con leche
16. "Greek breakfast" at Cafe Lala in the upper west side
17. Cafe au lait
18. Grilled chicken tacos I made in Edison
19. Some pico de gallo I made in Edison
20. Herr's Smoked Baby Back Ribs flavored ridged potato chips
21. Roasted Sweet Ajicito peppers I grilled up in Edison
22. Corn with butter and soy sauce I grilled up
23. Corned beef, sinangag and an egg, over easy in Edison
24. Pancit something or another
26. A bunch of beer
27. Pork bbq skewers
28. Edith's pork sisig
29. More pancit something or another
30. Dad's paella valenciana
31. Layni's chicken inasal
32. Some fried blue fish
33. Tita Oyette's empanadas
34. Edith's lumpia shanghai
35. More beer
36. Tita Patsy's mocha cake from a Filipino bakery
37. Farah's blueberry pie from Whole Foods
38. Edith's Ginataan halo halo
39. Dad's Ghirardelli chocolate brownies
40. Some plums
41. A little coffee
42. An orange cream cream ice from Rita's
43. A little coffee
44. A little pancit
45. Peeky toe crab salad at DBGB, LES
46. The tunisienne sausage, which is DB's take on the merguez
47. Iron Hill lager, which is an unpasteurized lager. It was nice and summery. But since it was unpasteurized, it still contained some live cultures of yeast. And I think it's celebrating a party in my stomach right now.
48. A little bit of Ria's tiramisu ice cream cake that she ordered at DBGB
49. A nine dollar lemon and tarragon chicken wrap on the old Virgin America.
50.... hmm. we'll see.